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Contact your local school for a key tag or ask our cashier to scan
your school’s bar code to help your school earn free equipment!

This Year's Program Dates:
09/06/2017 - 03/17/2018

No More Receipts

Over the past 16 years, Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy® has donated Millions of dollars in free school equipment and supplies to our local schools. We are pleased to continue supporting this program for this school year. Simply remind parents and supporters. Every time they shop at Farm Fresh and scan the key tags, your school will automatically earn points!

Keys to Success!

  1. If you haven't done so already -- Enroll Your School for the program by logging in to the program website with your school code. If you don't know your school's code, please call our team at 800.352.4658
  2. Key tags from the previous school years will continue to track spending during the 2017-2018 program. Please encourage your students' families to utilize their key tags from last year.
  3. If you need additional key tags, please call our team at 800.352.4658. Please limit your order to key tags for new students and replenishment orders.
  4. Remind parents to scan their tags every time they shop.
    • Use the handouts, letters and newsletter/email inserts found in the toolbox of the program website to promote and remind parents to use their key tags when shopping to support your school.
    • Use social media.
      • If your school has its own Twitter page or Facebook account, post information about your schools for the Community program.
      • Include information about the school’s progress, and the items on your school’s Wish List.
      • Post an image of your school’s barcode that shoppers can scan at Farm Fresh to earn credit for your school.

Also, login and check out the website and explore the materials in the toolbox:

See How it All Works!